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Our Pet Paw-locies

  • Boarding check out time is 10AM. If you need to pick up later than 10AM there will be an additional daycare charge applied. From 10AM-12PM on Saturday and 10AM-11AM Sunday there will be a half daycare fee of $28 added. From 2PM-7PM Monday-Friday, 2PM-5PM Saturday, and 4PM-5PM Sunday, a full daycare fee of $40 will apply. Our front lobby and pickup hours are 7AM-12N and 2P-7P Monday-Friday, 8AM-12N and 2P–5PM on Saturdays and 8AM-11AM and 4PM-5PM on Sunday.
  • Evaluation Day: Dogs and cats need to be dropped off no later than 8:30 AM to get started for their first day! This is a six hour day spending time with staff, our facility and getting to know fur friends. This allows your pet the opportunity to get to know us and vice versa. Since we base our beliefs on dog psychology, we aim high to make sure your dog or cat warms up to us. We also require at least 2 more daycare days before their initial boarding stay, followed by monthly visits to qualify for continued boarding. If we believe your dog needs more acclimating, we discuss at check out with you.
  • We do not accept beds, blankets, or toys from home. We provide orthopedic Kuranda beds, blankets, bowls and slow feeders for you. We are a rawhide free facility, as rawhide can be dangerous, and offer healthy alternatives in our front lobby.
  • OWNERS must drop off for boarding so that we can ensure we have all proper feeding, medication, service, and other care information. Friends, neighbors, and family members are not authorized to drop off for boarding stays. We will need written notice if anyone other than the owner will be picking up.
  • Please bring your dog in on a leash. We have leads available to borrow if you forget.
  • All that you need to bring for boarding is your pet’s food and any medication/vitamins/or supplements they may need. We ask that you pre-bag meals individually by serving with written instructions. This not only helps us with preparing for mealtimes, but also ensures that you have provided enough food for their stay. If you do run out, we can provide Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D Digestive Care canned or dry dog food for an additional fee. Please be aware that changing foods may upset some pets’ tummies. If you would prefer our staff pre-bag for you, there is a $25 service charge for the first 15 bags, and then $1/bag for each additional bag. Please refrain from bringing large containers or retail sized bags of food, unless your stay is 2 weeks or longer.
  • If your dog has medication, vitamins, or supplements, please put them in a pillbox organizer with written instructions as well. It is very important to make sure your pet’s medication dosages and schedules are accurate. If you forget to bring one, we have pillbox organizers available for purchase so that you can prepare your pet’s medication for their stay before check-in, or staff may do so and we will charge accordingly. We ask that you please refrain from mixing medication, vitamins, or supplements in your pet’s food bags – sometimes pets don’t finish their meal and we want to be sure they take their medication, vitamins, or supplements. We will not accept any medication, vitamins, or supplements in food bags. We are so thorough because we take the health of all animals in our care seriously.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet’s vaccines and fecal test are all up to date prior to your reservation. We require all dogs and cats to be current on their flea preventative. If they are not on flea preventative and we find fleas, we will administer a flea bath at the owner’s expense.
  • We do not guarantee daily pictures of your dogs. We will do our best to take a photo of as many dogs as we can, but sometimes it is just not possible to capture every dog, every day, so we do not want anyone to worry. If an issue arises for any reason, we will send a report card to you promptly via text and email.
  • We do require prepayment for all hotel bookings. Note: If you do not cancel your reservation within 14 days (30 days for Thanksgiving and Christmas) of your boarding start date you will forfeit your pre-payment! The prepayment amount is the total cost of the boarding reservation requested. CHRISTMAS/THANKSGIVING BOARDING PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE SHOULD YOU CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION LESS THAN 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE. We are unable to offer any refunds for early pickups. The dates of stay may not be modified before or during the stay and we need at least two weeks’ notice for changing dates, so that we can accommodate everyone.
  • Please make sure you leave a card on file if you are NOT the person picking up your dog as we will use the card of file for any additional services rendered. Thank you for your cooperation and for respecting all of our Pawlicies so that we can take the very best care of your furry family members. The comfort and safety of every animal in our care is our utmost priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at or call the front desk at 512-814-0193.
  • Dogs 8 months or older that are not spayed or neutered do not play in group play with other dogs for safety reasons. Problems can arise if the hormones take over in any situation. It’s extremely unsafe for the dog and the people to have an unfixed dog in group play.
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