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Empowering Humans to Lead One Dog at a Time

We offer dog training based on Dog Psychology principles from Cesar Millan. We specialize in a calm, confident environment and enrichment based programs that teach you and your dog to build a relationship based on a calm and confident leader so your dog can become a balanced dog. This has proven to be the best for dogs and their humans.

Training Consultation
30 Minute consultation to go over your training needs and goals. Must have a training consultation before signing up for a training package.

Doggy Boot Camp
Our 6 week program includes 2 daycare and train days per week where your pup will get to socialize with friends and work with our trainers during one-on-one lessons. Owners will also get private lessons once a week.

Board and Train
Our Board and Train program includes training during your pup’s boarding stay, along with 2 private lessons per week with owners. Owners will be updated along the way with report cards and videos.

Getting Started

Once we have a client profile completed through our website we will schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals for training. Consultations are $60 for 30 minute one-on-one session with owners and dog.

We Off-Fur the Best Dog Training in Austin

We believe in connecting with humans as much as we do with the dog. By teaching you to lead, your dog will follow. Our training approach is based on dog psychology. We teach you to become a calm, confident leader so your energy will exude the confidence your dog needs from you to have the best relationship possible.

We believe in creating balance and harmony with your dog. This allows you to lead your dog in a nurturing way that instills leadership, direction, and guidance. These are all things your dog needs to be set up for success and to avoid confusion on who is to lead. Once you demonstrate and believe you are the pack leader through your energy, your dog will learn that YOU are the pack leader.

We always start with a consultation to get to know you and your dog. This gives us the opportunity to better access your dog’s needs and your goals!

Our initial consultation is $60 and lasts 30 minutes. From there we can see which option works best to set you and your dog up for a life of balance and harmony.

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