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When a Natural Disaster Strikes

When a natural disaster strikes, it can come as a devastating shock. The best thing we can do to is to prepare in advance as best we can to weather the storm. While you may already know what to do to weatherproof your home, shutter your windows, gas up your car, and what supplies to stock up on for your family, such as water, food, and flashlights, did you know that pet owners have special preparations to make as well?

Whether it’s a natural disaster, crisis or emergency, it’s best to always plan ahead to save valuable time and keep your pets safe from harm or getting lost. The first thing to do is prepare a grab and go bag filled at least a 5 day supply of essential pet supplies including but not limited to: pet food, feeding/water bowls, collar with ID tags, pet medications, leash and muzzle, current pet photos, litter box/waste bags, bottled water, pet toys, and a printed list of their current vaccinations. These will all come in handy when traveling, bunkering down, or if you need to seek veterinary attention or pet boarding. It’s very important to have your pet microchipped and wearing a collar with ID tag with contact information on in case you and your pet become separated.

Familiar bedding and pet toys can relieve stress and a pet carrier or kennel protects your pet from nosy curious onlookers and other wandering animals and protects them from fleeing. Keep a list of pet friendly hotels on your hurricane escape route just in case and leave it in your pet’s grab and go bag for reference. Reach out to friends and family nearby and find out who would be willing to shelter your pet should you be in need. Make arrangements ahead of time to decrease stress when crisis occurs. Not all evacuation shelters accept pets. Be sure to do your research now and keep a list of shelters that accept pets in your pet’s grab and go bag.

Natural disasters are stressful and scary, but with proper planning and precautionary measures you can help ensure your pets get through the crisis safe and healthy. By creating a grab and go bag ahead of time, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to find your pet’s vaccination documents or forget to pack extra food or medication. You can have peace of mind that your furbabies are taken care of. From My Love Fur Paws to all of you, please keep these tips in mind and stay safe out there!

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