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Rating: 5

Stephanie R.

I’ve been bringing my dog Mickey to My Love Fur Paws since he was a puppy — and what a wild puppy he was. At MLFP, Mickey’s socialization with other dogs was not a free-for-all but instead a structured play group where he learned appropriate boundaries. MLFP also helped me with training, so Mickey started to understand what was expected of him and he has become a very good doggie citizen.

Kris and the staff at MLFP are committed to helping dogs to become balanced and calm. My husband and I are so happy with the great dog that Mickey has become. I’ve boarded Mickey there twice now and I always feel like he’s in good hands and loving hands. That’s the thing about MLFP, the people there really love animals and it shows.

I’m so happy that Mickey has a place to go play with his buddies a couple of times a week, a place to stay when we travel, and a second family that loves him like he was their own. I’m very grateful to My Love Fur Paws and can’t sing their praises enough!

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