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Keeping Hope Alive Through Adoption

Do you ever have days where you wake up and want to conquer the world and then feel defeated? I have days like this. Mostly because I know there are so many animals that need saving and I am only one person. And I know I am not alone but sometimes it feels that way. When fosters stay with us for months at a time, I wonder if they will ever find a loving home where they can receive all of the hugs and kisses they deserve. I don’t lose hope and I know they are happy but we save them because we want to see them happy with a family. And I just know there’s a child out there waiting for that best friend to do everything with. Growing up we always had rescue dogs. I had a dog named Lady and she was my BFF. We did everything together. I would wrap her leash around my handlebars and away we would go. There wasn’t a day the two of us weren’t out and about saving frogs, seagulls, small birds and caterpillars. I miss those days. You know, the days before tablets, phones and distractions where kids could get out and explore with their best fur friend.

I know times have changed but animals are still the best therapy for kids and owning a pet really teaches responsibility. I am hoping that our Nala and Queso can find a loving home that’s perfect for them. They both would make great family dogs. Even though they each have their quirks, they still are great dogs and deserve a chance. I am hoping you can help us find them a home soon and as I always say, together we can do great things. As Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” So friends I am asking for you to help us. And I know Nala and Queso would be so appreciative as well.

This is Nala. We saved her from the euthanasia list at San Antonio Pets Alive. Her adoption fee is $25. She is a 14 month old terrier mix. She weighs 35 pounds and I believe she is a boston/pit mix and loves to play. She has some best friends and then others she is not compatible with and that’s ok, it happens. Nala is great on a leash, knows basic commands and is house trained and crate trained. She loves chew toys and sticks to play with. Chasing the ball is her favorite but she is still learning to bring it back! Nala would do great with an older dog that’s mellow or a playful pup that she approves of. She is very loving and would make a great addition to your family.

Queso is a lab/cur mix and loves to fetch, hike, go for walks and swim. He was a client of ours and because he had a dispute with his brother, his mom asked us to find him a home. He is 3 years old and is a big cuddle bug and needs to be the only dog in the home. He is not aggressive but does need to be the only dog as there are times where he does not get along with his friends and therefore, we decided that it’s best to be the only dog at home. Queso loves kids and would be suited for a family that can handle a larger dog. He weighs 90 pounds. He knows basic commands and has gone through training with us. He walks very well on a prong collar and knows to heal, sit and stay. He needs a strong pack leader so he understands you are the “pack leader”. He is house trained and crate trained. He would love to meet you! Queso has a $50 rehoming fee.

Anyone that is interested can ask for Kris and she can schedule a home visit and interview you to make sure that you are the right fit for our fosters. There will also be some paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Thank you for sharing and caring!

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