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Happy Hooves Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Here at My Love Fur Paws, we are passionate about finding new ways to help animals and give back to the community. If you’ve visited our location in Hudson Bend lately, you may have noticed our new small animal sanctuary with new friends! We are proud to announce our Happy Hooves Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Sanctuary and tell you more about our exciting plans for 2018.

Our little farm provides a home for Pork Chop and Wilbur, two pigs displaced from Hurricane Harvey, as well as Little Miss Sunshine, a nanny goat and her new baby Moon Orion, who was born right here on the farm. What an exciting day that was! You’ll see Tiberius the rabbit and his best friend Stevie the Pygmy goat, along with Chuck the rooster and Dorothy and Rose, the hens. You can also spy Zyrksie the farm cat keeping an eye out for mice that might be lurking to catch a nibble of grain from the tack and feed barn.

You can follow along with all the happenings on the farm on our Happy Hooves Healing Hearts Facebook page, where we post pictures and videos of life on the farm and all the animals’ adventures. There is never a dull moment around here. You can see the love all the animals have for each other and the fun they have together, and the joy they bring to us.

The sanctuary has big plans this year. Happy Hooves Healing Hearts has applied for a 501(3)(c) nonprofit status and will operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our goal is to create programming that supports children with autism and disabilities, providing therapeutic and occupational opportunities for the developmentally disabled as well as those suffering from depression and anxiety. We aim to partner with local school and educational organizations to teach skill sets, foster compassion and boost confidence by creating a positive and fulfilling environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. We’ve found both the animals and the children and adults who volunteer their time taking care of them are made better and happier through the experience.

When animals and people take care of each other, everyone wins. That’s why in addition to our small farm animal rescue and sanctuary on site, we will provide financial assistance and other support to populations of animals and children in the US and abroad; including children living in orphanages, group homes, or children in, or aging out of, the foster care system, and animal rescues, veterinary clinics and other organizations serving animals in need.

We are looking for families and corporations to help support our farm and our purpose to spread goodwill and give back not only to children in the area, but abroad as well, and work with rescue groups for animals both locally and around the world.

We are still in need of sponsors and volunteers, so if you would like to get involved or donate, please let us know! We will need your support to fund these programs that will provide invaluable service to the community. A special thanks to those of you who have supported us and sponsor us and believe in what we do!

When you stop in, please say hi to Pork Chop, Wilbur, Tiberius, Sunshine, Moon Orion, Stevie and Zyrksie and many other friends. We hope you enjoy this as much as we will.

Happy Wagging!

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